Spiritual Life Coaching

Energy treatment that promotes self-healing capabilities
Do you feel like you have lost touch with who you truly are mentally, spiritually, physically, soulfully, or in every way? If you answered yes to most, then you can benefit from the Spiritual Life Coaching that Connie Angel Medium presents. At its core, Connie Angel Medium’s spiritual life coaching service helps in the following ways:

  1. Help you uncover your dreams and desires.
  2. Help you to establish your spiritual goals.
  3. Assist in removing negative energy blockages to light a positive path to spiritual enlightenment, growth and wellbeing. This involves mind, body & soul energy alignment & healing.
  4. Work with you in applying core spiritual principles & approaches to enhance soul energy positive energy vibration and assist in making improvements to your life and in reaching your spiritual goals. This may require you to get involved in yoga & meditation, visualisation, grounding & protection, among other things to help break through a spiritual transition.

How to get started

Step 1 - Get in touch: Contact Connie Angel Medium for Spiritual Life Coaching, whether by phone, skype, email or in person introducing yourself and the reason for getting in touch.

Step 2 - Have an informal conversation This will give both the opportunity from the start of an honest & trusting spiritual trainee & spiritual coach pairing.

Step 3 - Book your spiritual life coaching sessions You can book one session followed by more or book bulk sessions.

Questions & Answers

The amount of spiritual life coaching sessions that you need depends on how much you want to become the creator of your own life, how much you are prepared to learn, and how far you are prepared to go to achieve your spiritual goals or aspirations. Your spiritual coach/mentor (Connie Angel medium) will of course guide you and help you deepen your sense of knowing and understanding of the universe, your universal energies and spiritual power but ultimately - only you can change your life, so how many sessions you have really depends on you and only you.
Each person’s level of spirituality differs as do their lifegoals and aspirations, for this reason the price of the sessions with Connie Angel Medium are custom-made to each person. The cost really comes down to how much 1-2-1 mentorship is required and if any additional services are required to reach specific goals.
It is recommended that you keep a journal from the very beginning. This will help document your dreams & desires, set goals and actions you take to achieve those goals as guided by your spiritual coaching sessions and how you feel every step of the way throughout this journey.
It is important that you feel ready within yourself to embark on this journey and dedicate your spare time and effort into it from the get-go. It can only work if you are prepared to make positive changes to your life and want to connect to who you truly are.

Connie Angel Medium’s Spiritual life coaching is her ability to help people who want to be centred and focused, to be able to trust in themselves, and to be able to experience spiritual enlightenment and true love which is found within. The Spiritual Life Coaching sessions will help to achieve this.