Angelic Guidance

Angelic messages & divine guidance
Being a long-established angel medium, Connie can connect and communicate divine guidance from your own guardian angel, spirit guide or a loved one in heaven. Connie Angel Medium can do this through angel card readings and through spiritual/psychic ‘energy channelling’. A powerful connection between you and the angelic realm awaits you to help nurture you, protect you or heal you. All that is required from you is to open your mind and be willing to see and listen to their guidance.

About the angel card readings

The cards show you the outcome of your current life’s journey - but remember, the future path can change depending on decisions or any changes you make. If you want to maintain the current journey, keep doing what you are doing.

Questions & Answers

Connie recommends that you come back for a reading when you feel ready or try and keep it to at least once a month.
You can ask any question that you desire the answer to. Your question can be directed to your career, love, family, children, friendships, health or other.
If you receive the same card more than once in one reading or the next reading you have, then you should really pay extra attention to the message.