Spiritual Healing

A new breath of life
Embark on a spiritual healing journey to discover your spiritual energies, establish contact between you and your guardian angel, and empower balance to your soul to heal mind, body and spiritual chakra. Spiritual healing is pure universal energy that gets attuned and channelled through your spiritual healer, someone who truly knows the divine science and art of ‘balance’, that you will need for a positive flow of pure energy.

Spiritual healing is a divine science and art of 'balance'

Spiritual healing is a holistic approach (a safe and non-invasive way) to help you with mental, physical and emotional problems, a direct connection to mind, body and spirit. The word ‘holistic’ itself originates from the Greek world ‘olókliros’ which means ‘whole’. For anyone of us choosing to take a ‘holistic approach’ to spiritual healing means that we are choosing to accept that we need to self-heal and self-love followed by courage to engage and develop ourselves on a ‘whole’ mental, physical and emotional (mind, body, spirit) journey. It can stimulate your immune system to boost your energy, harmonize your hormonal system to help you relax and release tension, and help you find inner peace to encourage positive health and wellbeing. Spiritual healing is not an alternative to medical treatment, but a positive contributing approach to assist in reaching good health potential.

Fall in love with the healing journey

Connie Angel Medium is an approved spiritual healing practitioner, officially recognised by the ‘International Healer Practitioner Association’, To whom has the knowledge, training and commitment to carry out healing for mind, body and spirit. Connie’s spiritual healing proficiency is a vocation or a calling to serve humanity in whichever way the universe guided me her to do so, with all gratitude to those she can serve and help. If you fall in love with the journey to spiritual healing, your road to recovery will be a positive one.