Reiki Healing

Mind, body & soul energy alignment & healing
Reiki healing is energy healing based on a set of natural energetic principles that helps promote positive energy flow and removal of negative blockages around the body. A form of alternative medicine for health and wellbeing which is performed by Connie Angel Medium herself, a qualified and experienced Reiki Master healer and teacher.

The essence of our being is governed by a ‘life force’ energy, our unseen mind consciousness and soul. It is believed that this ‘life force’ energy moves in and around our physical and spiritual body. Throughout our life’s physical and emotional challenges and lifestyle, our life force can become stagnant, unbalanced and incur blockages. Your Reiki healer can channel a flow of high frequency vibrational and positive energy through the body’s energy pathways that have been affected negatively, this helps to clear and restore the life force energy field to flow better, thus restoring ones emotional and physical well-being (mind, body and soul).

The Reiki Healing Sessions

A session generally lasts for one hour in an ambient setting where there is a massage table. You can arrange the time and space with Connie depending where you are located or where you are willing to travel. Upon arrival you will be greeted and welcomed by your Reiki healer. The session will start with a small introduction and then you will be kindly asked to lay on the massage table (face up or face down) so that your Reiki healing session can commence. By code of conduct, Connie Angel Medium will ask before the session starts whether you want the hands on or away from the body.

The process normally begins with Connie energetically scanning your body with hovering hands, to get a sense of what areas need attention and areas that may need extra attention. Following this, Connie will apply very light and gentle on or off hand approach on non-intrusive parts of the body working with auras and the Chakra system to adequately and safely remove negative energy and blockages and channel positive energy and stimulate an improved flow of energy around the body. After your Reiki healing session, your body and mind should feel relaxed and a sense of peace.