Posted: 01 November 2019

Top 5 things you should know about Guardian Angels

1. Guardian Angels have been around since the beginning of life

Belief in Guardian Angels can be traced going back to distant former times. They have been used figuratively in paintings and described in holy scriptures and endorsed by Angelology’s, believers and bystanders.

2. Guardian Angels can communicate with us through different means

Guardian Angels are spiritual beings, not human bodies. The only way Guardian Angels can communicate through us is by sending signs through images, repetitive numbers, animal encounters, speeds of light, a whisper in your thoughts and gut feelings (which is commonly known as intuition).

3. Guardian Angels help and protect

Because Guardian Angels have been near and dear to us since creation, their sole purpose exists to help and protect. Praying to the angels to give thanks and asking them for help and protection is like (metaphorically speaking) music to their ears.

4. Guardian Angels channel from the spirit world to the physical world

Since their spirit form, Guardian Angels channel from the spirit world to the physical world as intermediaries to provide guidance, protection and defence to nature and all beings.

5. Everyone has a Guardian Angel

The theology of Guardian Angels is that God appoints an angel to him/her since birth to watch over his/her life.