Posted: 21 May 2019

The meaning of soulmates

It is considered that when two souls join together in perfect harmony they complete each other, they are soulmates.

Soulmates are two people who meet each other for the first time and have an immediate ‘soul’ connection, so strong that they are drawn to each other like a magnetic field pulling them together. When this happens, both soul’s will doubt themselves as to whether they have ever truly loved anyone prior to meeting their soulmate.

Soulmates love each other with so much conviction and heart that they bring out the best in each other and individually inspire each other to be free to be the person that they truly are. Soulmate relationships tend to be calm, accepting, meaningful, respectful, secure, loving, passionate, happy, healthy and content.

For someone observing a soulmate connection or experience one, can be seen as ‘magical’. It's the kind of magic that many people desire, but not everyone finds it.

Soulmates listen and understand each other, and although there may be ups and downs and challenging times ahead, they have a tendency to get through anything together because they are mentally, physically and spiritually inseparable. 

Most people find a life partner not because they have found their soulmate but for a multitude of reasons other than that of a true soul mate connection. There is no wrong or right to having a life partner over a soulmate, it’s just that some people have soulmates and other don’t; but it’s good to know that if you haven’t found your soulmate it doesn’t mean that you do not have one, it just may just take you longer. When it comes to soul mates “What’s meant to be will always find a way.”

“After all, soulmates always end up together.” ~ Rosie Dunne