Posted: 25 May 2019

Karma and Spirituality

Karma, a ‘strong’ word referring to good or bad luck from a person’s actions. However, it seems that in this day and age, more and more people tend to speak of KARMA in more negative ways than positive towards one another’s actions. Social media proves this, you just have to search karma on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to see the display of negativity. This can be seen as an act of deflection from spirituality or a holdback from spiritual truth. In Hinduism and Buddhism, Karma decides on a person’s future fate depending on the sum of a person’s good or bad actions in this lifetime or previous existence.

If you believe in Karma, you should know that Karma is a ‘rebirthing’ process, deciding our future fate dependant on our actions.  Acting bad or morally wrong will come back to us because with Karma what goes around, comes back around, it’s Karma law. Equally, the good that we do, will also come back to repay us but with good, it’s Karma law. Karma is a teacher that teaches us about the outcomes of our actions. The ‘learning’ process gives us ‘time’ to improve or put things right in our life in order to grow and be able to move further the field as ‘good’ human beings and spiritual growth hackers. Moreover, Karma is everchanging with every choice we make, so realistically Karma does not decide our fate, we do! We have the chance to push Karma further into positive or negative comebacks, remember we decide with every choice we make.