Posted: 01 September 2019

How finding balance in your third eye chakra can help you heal.

The Chakra healing process can permit the awakening of our psychic senses or intuition. The third eye chakra, in particular, is the sixth out of the seven Chakras, enables us to see things as they truly are - perception beyond ordinary sight. The third eye Chakra or Ajna Chakra is positioned at one’s forehead where energy centres, ones very own universal energy field or ‘higher consciousness.’ As human beings, we tend to block our energies, mentally or physically.

Mental signs of blocked third eye chakra include:

-         Stress

-         Anxiety

-         Jealously

-         Paranoia

-         Delusions

-         Depression

Physical signs of blocked third eye chakra include:

-         Migraines

-         Poor vision

-         Seizures

-         Sinusitis

-         Sciatica

Awakening the third eye chakra through healing and meditation allows access to cosmic vision (often black at first, often followed by a purple or indigo colour). The open third eye manifests everything as it is without a filter, meaning no judgment and no expectations. You are simply highly receptive to a reap of benefits including intuitive knowledge, deep wisdom, mental stamina and much more. It is pretty amazing to experience or to know by opening our third eye chakra we can tap into the knowledge we were blinded to and with this heightened intuition, we are able to learn, trust and restore balance within our own human body. There are many benefits to opening the third eye chakra and awakening your senses as you now know, and just like anything, we must always be careful before we use or connect with unknown energy. It is important that if you wish to open your own third eye chakra or help someone else that you must know what you are doing. If in doubt do not attempt to do so. Only attempt this healing process if you’re certain that the energy you like to connect to, has the best interest of your higher self otherwise you may become confused and wrongly interpret the information and experience.

In aid to conduct this healing process successfully you can enrol for the grounding, protection and chakras course where you will be taught by master healer and practitioner Connie Angel Medium. A certificate will be rewarded once you pass. For more details about this course or to book, please contact