Posted: 21 May 2020

Guardian Angel Ambriel

Guardian Angel Ambriel: For the zodiac sign of Gemini 21 May-20 June


Guardian Angel Ambriel is associated with the zodiac sign of Gemini and its ruling planet Mercury – The governing planet of thoughts, ideas and communication. His light energy is the element or air (Yang) which is also the element of Gemini. He moves easily and quickly from one world to the next with a mutable quality that manifests invention and change.

Guardian Angel Ambriel brings clarity and mental harmony. Should you ever require new thoughts and ideas, or solutions to problems, you can always trust angel Ambriel to clear the mind-congested pathways.

If you invoke Archangel Ambriel with integrity and commitment to truth, angel Ambriel will be able to communicate with you spiritually through creative works such as words, poetry, music, dance or painting. Overall, He will inspire mental clarity and spiritual intellect and awareness to help you enhance, harness and transform gifts that you have to offer to yourself and to the world.

Anytime you want to invoke Ambriel, simply say and trust in this prayer…

“Archangel Ambriel, it is my birth right to work with you and I am willing to be a channel for the highest possibility we can create together. Open my mind to the music of the spheres, to the sacred words of the Divine, to the visions of the stars. Allow me to communicate with wisdom and integrity so that every word I speak is for the greater glory of the divine purpose.’

Angel Ambriel is a great guide in angel readings, meditation as well as prayer. With his guidance, you can gain mental order and restore harmony to your thoughts.

The zodiac sign ‘Gemini’ is associated with the ‘twins’ which portrays a ‘mirror’ effect which is associated with ‘reflection’. Archangel Ambriel helps you see deeper than what you may see reflecting back at you.