Posted: 31 August 2019

Exploration of the afterlife with Connie Angel Medium

Naturally, some people across the globe wonder about the afterlife and if it truly exists and goes on to search for the truth about life after death. Sometimes, it is just for their own sense of desire to know or to be able to reach a loved one.

As an angel medium, I can connect with spirits and the angelic realms. My exploration of the afterlife has been and continues to be a spiritually enlightening and insightful passage of life after death and it is based on pure universal/planetary energy and a divine source of light.

Whether you believe in a scientific, religious, or different approach to life after death, from my experience as an angel medium having the ability to reach out to loved ones who have passed from the physical world is truly a divine gift and I feel truly blessed to be able to deliver messages from the spirit world to help a number of individuals to heal or to fulfil their desires to connect with the spirit world in some way or another.

To quote Neil De Grasse Tyson on Afterlife “Biological beings are made up of atoms, elements and molecules and in everyday life, each of us needs the energy to burn energy and sustain energy.” Surely, for anyone searching for answers to life after death and experiences personal and insightful messages that any good medium will deliver, can agree that this supports the belief that energy is never lost. When we speak of a divine source of light - this is energy, connecting with the spirit and angelic realms are done with high energy frequencies.