Posted: 31 January 2019

Are Twin Flames the same as Soulmates?

Twin flames share many similarities to soulmates, but there are two distinct differences. The differences are: Twin flames derive from ‘the same soul’ separated into separate bodies, but ‘mirror’ each other’s soul and share the same energy, thus they are extremely similar and recognize themselves in the other. When twin flames or twin souls find each other in this lifetime, they tend to have a sense of feeling that it was inevitable ‘fate’ that brought them together.  

Soulmates are ‘two separate souls’ that complement each other’s energies by awakening each other’s soul with a significant connection and unbound love for each other destined by the stars. Although twin flames and soulmates are different, it is possible for twin souls to be soulmates.

Our bodies are made of celestial light, so for a twin flame or twin soul energies to converge is a very beautiful cosmic entity. Two halves separate, whole when together (but still appreciating each other’s individuality), a threshold of friendship or something much more. What’s more is that when twin flames or twin souls connect, they open up the Heart Chakra that creates a whirlwind of love and a portal for telepathic communication between them.

Twin flames or twin souls have the benefits of recognition, awakening, ascension, learning and evolving together, mirroring, vibrational alignment and union.

The soul connection between twin flames or twin souls are meant to help each other find themselves and be the person that they are meant to be (a divine mission).  Together they are encouraging and fearless or emotionally stronger to explore opportunities and energetically powerful to help raise each other, expand each other’s conscious minds and spiritual growth. Twin flames fully accept each other, embracing their uniqueness.