Posted: 01 December 2018

Angel readings at Christmas time

Love was born at Christmas, stars and angels gave the sign.

In fact, Angels tend to be seen most at Christmas time - angelic songs, angels on cards, angels on trees, kids and adults making snow angels and so on. I believe it's apparent why angel readings at Christmas are the most popular and most special. Christmas time is a special time of the year, a time where families and friends come together for a celebration of the birth and life of Jesus Christ. However, there are many people of all faiths and religions, not just of Christianity - that are lonely or sad, particularly at this time of year. Reasons include grief, illness, trauma, homelessness, relationship breakdown and, or other. 

People want guidance but not just any guidance, they want ‘intuitive guidance’ for hope and guidance and angelic blessings to prosper in their new journey into the new year or to reach someone dear who is no longer with them. These are just the most common reasons. As an angel medium, I have witnessed a lot more reasons people choose to come back for an angel reading or experience it for the first time at Christmas time. Most often, people leave with hope, love and light in their hearts which makes an angel reading so rewarding for them and for the angels.

As I am asked to connect with the angelic realms on a daily basis, they continue to deliver information. The angel cards energetically chosen by the person displays a visual story. These visuals are supported by my angel channelling to relay highly intuitive messages or a wealth of information.  For most, Angel Readings are a very magical and a loving way of working with the spirits and communicating personal messages or signals that they’re close to their dear ones in the living world. When I work with the angelic realms in my angel readings, I feel overwhelmed by the love that they bring with them to the person I’m reading for. Most of all, from my experience, the angelic souls always come with positivity and insightfulness.