Posted: 01 May 2020

About Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an ancient holistic therapy used by healing practitioners to this day to help heal and bring balance.

Being that Crystals are naturally formed from the earth, they hold and emit universal energy and vibrations. Thus, crystal healing therapy can help one find balance within his/her body and restore natural energetic movement or rhythm within. Each crystal has a name, external colouration, geometric form and a purpose. Here are just a few examples of the mystical powers and beautiful energies we can work with to help our self. Here are some examples of crystal names and their healing abilities:

Blue agate can be used to soothe and uplift one’s spirit with its calming and encouraging energy 

Pink quartz is a stone of the heart that resonates gentle energy of comfort, tenderness, unconditional love and more.

Amethyst has high-frequency purifiers to help alleviate stress and negative energy. The Amethyst stone is also a remarkable stone of spirituality.

Green Aventurine is the stone of opportunity, it helps manifest prosperity and wealth in your new journeys and new adventures and projects.

Selenite has many healing and mystical properties for energy cleaning and cleansing.

Citrine is the stone of optimism, it helps improve interactions and increase in productivity.

Commonly, crystals are widely used in healing, meditation and even worn for jewellery to attune more strongly to one’s energy. Though, it is important to cleanse each crystal. I like to think of them as little charms of magic because they can help you feel more positive and mindful, and resilient to negativity. The more you learn and understand about each crystal, the more effective the crystal healing therapy is.