Posted: 01 October 2019

7 Common Characteristics of Starseeds

Ever feel that you’re a foreigner to planet earth? Do you feel that you’re an old soul, a spiritual being in physical form that is here for a higher ascended purpose?  Typically, do you believe that you could be a star some day? Here are 7 common characteristics of Starseeds that may interest you…

  1. A deep consciousness of spirituality
  2. The ability to grow rapidly in spiritual growth
  3. A strong awareness that earth is not a true home
  4. Feel drawn to the sun, sky, moon, stars with and have a natural spiritual connection with the universe
  5. Often naturally channel energy and heal
  6. Have extraordinary intuition and psychic capabilities
  7. Occasionally or frequently have dreams of unknown places or experience encounters

Besides the common characteristics above, Starseeds resonate to the universes light and sound energies with the ability to shift consciousness. Prophesies have said that between 2017-2032 there will be a mass awakening of Starseeds (spiritual awakening of planted seeds of light within the physical body form) to align with true authentic ‘divine’ light to clear and overcome the darkness of humanity. Subsequently meaning that with darkness falling off the surface, there will be a new age ‘birth of light’ to the planet – the takeover of fear and disruption by the reign of unity and love.