Posted: 01 December 2019

1111 – Is this really happening to you?

The time on the clock displays 11:11 when you receive a phone call or text 1111 when you have an appointment and it’s 11:11, or date scheduled 1111 when you roll a dice and double the times it’s 1111. Coincidence, right? After all, the clock is bound to reach 11:11 and a phone call you may or may have not been expecting can reach you at 11:11 and so on; but think about this…Is it really a coincidence when 1111 is frequently recurring when the actual number 1111 shows itself to you so much that it becomes a considerable number, a number that you cannot ignore?

In the spiritual world, 1111 is an angelic number, a ‘wake-up’ call.

Often, people don’t pay much attention to angelic numbers because either they are unaware of them or they’re aware of them and choose to ignore them, or they don’t think much of them and assume it’s just coincidence. In a spiritual world, 1111 is a visual or audio angelic ‘code’. The reoccurrence and repetition of numbers is a way for the angelic realms to deliver the 1111 ‘wake-up call’ to reactivate or awaken your higher self that resides within you.

For those who are afraid of the unknown and anything that seems supernatural is what can cloud the judgement of spiritual truth and ‘energetically’ blocks or prevents them from manifesting their true awakening and reaching their full potential.

For those that do acknowledge angelic signs, like the reoccurring number 1111, know or can learn how to harness the power behind the message that they have unlocked to provide them with intuitive insight and spiritual guidance to light the way.

How to react to your 1111 wake-up call

  1. Start with giving ‘thanks’ for the love, protection and clarity of your 1111 wake up call. Say thank you and mean it!
  2. When you receive the call, trust that you are being called for action, so ask yourself what do you want to manifest from your life?
  3. Focus ‘positively’ on what you want and believe that the positive vibrational energies you are sending out will help the universal energies conspire to help you.
  4. End with giving ‘thanks’ for the love, protection and clarity that you have been given.