Posted: 23 September 2019

The Autumn Equinox

September 23, 2019, marks the Autumn Equinox. It’s official, summer is gone and autumn is here. The weather is cooler and leaves wither and fall, a time of ‘transformation’ and ‘grounding’.
But what does this mean astronomically?

Astronomically the Autumn Equinox marks ‘balance’ and ‘harmony’ between day and night because it is the time when night and day are exactly of equal length. This duality between light and dark balance also exists within humanity and in the processes of spiritual transformation or paganism. Here’s why…

If the Autumn Equinox marks ‘balance’ and ‘harmony’ then it's away of the universe telling humanity to find the balance within themselves. After all, the earth goes through emotions and natural changes, similarly, to human beings and astronomically and spiritually we are connected to the universe.

Naturally, the Autumn season symbolizes a time of transformation and reflection, so take a leaf out of autumn and do the same. As cliché as this sounds (#GOT fans) … winter is coming! The winter solstice, the mid-winter season marks the day with the longest night of the year, thus the shortest period of daylight. Those who are longing for light and balance must first reflect and descend their own inner darkness in order to transform and ascend onto the path to enlightenment, and in time for the arrival of the winter solstice - a night of spiritual reconnection and ritual.