Angel signs

Signs from your Angels

Posted by Connie   04/07/2017
Did you know? The angles whisper through synchronicity to get your attention. They want you to know that they love you, with you and always watching over you.

Signs from the Angels include:

- Orbs of white or coloured light
- Flickering lights
- Sparks of light speed out of the corner of your eye
- Repeating sequential numbers
- Sudden temperature changes
- A familiar sent
- Butterflies
- Feathers
- Robins
- Doves
- Goosebumps with an overwhelming feeling of love
- Bells ringing
- Musical whispers
- High pitched muffled whispers
- A song that means something to you at the moment you need to hear it
- Pennies
- Book falling to reveal a certain page

Naturally, when you experience one or more of these signs, you can innocently misinterpret them as coincidence or luck. The truth is that the angels are always watching over you.  

Forever grateful for the love.


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