Why Mysteries of Covent Garden will always have a place in my heart

Posted by Connie Angel Medium   16/05/2017
Mysteries of Covent Garden has a warm place in my heart, it’s a place where I have worked for a number of years and has opened many doors not only for me but for many - spiritually. The Mystical venue offers psychic readings, new age books, gifts and artefacts. 

It has been a wonderful springboard for my career as I have had the amazing opportunity to further develop my psychic abilities. I often receive praises for my work and this self-assures me that my abilities to connect to the spirits and provide ‘intuitive’ guided readings remain true. Amongst this I have met so many wonderful people and have received many wonderful gifts.

My understanding of my own personal and spiritually awakened journey is to continue with love, strength and virtue. 

I feel very blessed to have been shown my new way of life by the heavens as I am to Mysteries and to the people who have come into my life in some way or another. Blessed I am to continue my work in helping people from all walks of life. 

I have seen pain, sadness, joys and woes but with the help of the universe and the realm of Angels and Archangels, I am most grateful for they help me to clearly channel high vibrational frequencies to enable communication and guidance for ordinary people like you and I.

Hope & Light.
Connie x

Available at Mysteries of Covent Garden London every Tuesday and Friday from 11am-6pm



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