Pink Moon

Why the Pink Moon in Libra is a Hot Topic of Conversation

Posted by Connie Angel Medium   11/04/2017
In astrology, the moon represents moods and emotions and a full moon represents new beginnings.
So, what is the significance of the pink moon? The pink moon is the first full moon of spring and has been named pink moon because of the vibrant pink wildflowers ‘Phlox’ that bloom and blossom around this time. Moreover, the pink moon signifies an astrological cosmic shift in universal energy.

Full moon in Libra (the zodiac symbol of scales) joins ups with planet Jupiter (the symbol of luck, growth and wisdom). This allows Jupiter to empower the Libra moon in finding harmony and balance through luck, growth and wisdom.

Furthermore, in astrology each astrological sign has an opposite zodiac sign and Libras opposite sign is Aries (the zodiac symbol of the Ram) meaning that the shift in energy will also have direct influence in revolutionary change and future. Typically, other astrological signs and planets such as Pluto (the symbol of power and transformation), will have an influential role in this cosmic shift of energy.

So, what does the pink moon in Libra mean for us? The pink moon in Libra means heightened energy, stronger intuition, conscious awakening, rebirth or new beginnings. Whether, individually or culturally it’s up to us on how we choose to believe in this cosmic shift and how to channel the energy.

The best approach would be with the power of the three P’s - Positivity, Patience and Perseverance.


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