Exploration of the afterlife from the perspective of Connie Angel Medium

Posted by Connie Angel Medium   28/03/2017
Naturally, many people across the globe wonder about afterlife and if it truly exists and go on to search for the truth about life after death.

When asked about one particular mediums belief in the afterlife Connie Angel Medium says… “my exploration of the afterlife has been and continues to be a spiritually enlightening and insightful passage of life after death and it’s based on pure universal/planetary energy and a divine source of light.”

Whether you believe in a scientific, religious or different approach to life after death, Connie Angel Medium says… “From my experience, the ability to reach out to loved ones who have passed from the physical world is truly a divine gift and I feel truly blessed to be able to deliver messages from the spirit world”

In a video of Neil de Grasse Tyson on afterlife he states that “Biological beings are made up of atoms, elements and molecules and in everyday life each of us need energy to burn energy and sustain energy.”Surely, for anyone searching for answers of life after death and experiences personal and insightful messages that any good medium will deliver, can agree that this supports the belief that energy is never lost.

“The intelligence that gives birth to the stars also breathes your breath.” – From the book “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers” … A true story by Annie Kagan.

Connie Angel Medium says… “Those we love who have physically passed, don’t go away with the love we embrace in our hearts and the memories that remain. I believe that the soul rises and the energy connects through powerful energy fields and divine light. An intuitive medium like myself knows how to channel this energy to deliver messages, simply standing in as a ‘lightworker’ and ‘medium’ here on earth. The true messengers are the angels of the higher power that protect and guide us with all their light.”


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