Cup of Love Tarot Card

The magic cup of love by Cupid this Valentines day

Posted by Connie Angel Medium   14/02/2017
The cup of love relates to emotions just like the element of water does. This tarot card suggests you are now entering a period of contentment where indulgence, fulfilment, gratitude, peace and joy are about to be delivered by Cupid and the universe.

New relationship on the way?  Be clear to yourself on how you want your relationship to be…

Two beautiful souls come together in the journey of discovery where mutual teaching takes place as they go on the path of unconditional love. Taking each day as it comes and enjoying the innocents of their world of wonders and their love where passion, respect, and communication are working in alignment for perfect harmony. 

Allow desire and destiny to play their part as Cupid and the angels of love come together as one for love to endure.
Happy Valentines Day!



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