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How to send a cosmic order this Valentines Day

Posted by Connie Angel Medium   14/02/2017
As we have St. Valentine’s day soon approaching, one of the most special days of the year where
emotions, friendship and love all came together at once, I would like to share with you perhaps one of the most magical cosmic orders we can possibly send to Venus the planet of love and the source of light where love is unconditional and pure.
If it's romance, that you’re looking for…
Take your time and sit in a quiet or sacred space if 
you happen to have one. Get a blank piece of paper and a pen ready.
Take a deep breath and focus on the kind of 
energy you desire from another, allow your heart allow to embrace each 
and every quality you would love that person to have 
and write down the flame you want to attract and desire. 
Take your time and don't miss out on even the simplest of details.
Acknowledge that this cosmic order is about attracting romance and the 
magic that comes with it. Cupid is waiting to help and bring the 
flame of love to each and every one of us.

You can address this very special and intimate desire to whom you feel 
more connected too, whether it's your guardian angel, cupid, or the 
universe itself.

When you’re finished and ready to send your cosmic order, make a copy so that you can keep in a special place for yourself and with the other you can sign and send up to the sky by burning it and safely putting the flame of desire out. This may sound strange but by doing this with your energy and belief, the ashes of your cosmic order are being released to the universe for the real magic to begin.
Miracles happen! You must be patient for it to manifest, simply by trusting and believing that it will.
From the bottom of my heart… to all of you that send this magical cosmic order this Valentine’s day or any other day, I truly trust and believe that the outcome shall be magical for you.
Happy Valentine's Day! 


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