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The different types of angels

Posted by Connie Angel Medium   07/02/2017
There is a hierarchy of different types of angels. At the top of the angel hierarchy are the spiritual councillors: Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. These are then followed by Spiritual or Heavenly Governors: Dominions, Virtues and Powers. These are then followed by Spiritual or Heavenly Messengers: Principalities, Archangels and Guardian Angels.
Each spiritual and heavenly group in the angel hierarchy has a divine responsibility and act of spiritual law.

Angel hierarchy:

First Sphere: Spiritual Counsellors

Angels of love, light, fire and purity.
Angels of worship, glory and praise god.
Angels of will and justice. Providers of Divine guidance, wisdom, intellect and understanding.

Second Sphere: Spiritual or Heavenly Governors
Divine Lordships that connect the spiritual and physical realms and control the law of cause and effect with duty and regulations.
Virtues or Strongholds
Angels that create miracles and help those who struggle to thrive. They have a virtue of spiritual and positive energy to enlighten and steer others toward peace and balance.
Powers or Authorities
Angels of Power, Defence and Authority

Third Sphere: Spiritual or Heavenly Messengers 
Angels that Rule, Guide, Protect countries, cities, groups, reforms and religions
Archangels belong to several angel triads and choirs, that channel spiritual and heavenly messages to those who ask for signs and guidance from them.
Angels and Guardian Angels
Angels communicate with other angels and can appear within any triad or sphere in the angel hierarchy. Guardian Angels are messengers and honourable guardians of life on earth.


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