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Why self love and self care is more important than Valentine's day

Posted by Connie Angel Medium   04/02/2019
Each year on February 14, Valentine’s day engages many people, from card exchanges to flowers and gifts. This world-wide tradition marks ‘acts of courtly love’ in honour of Saint Valentinus of Rome. Well, that’s the true meaning of Valentine’s day. However, in an age of digital-driven markets and commercialised communities, this awareness has been heightened and turned into a competitive landscape, where acts of kindness are extortionate.

Have we the people of the world, as a ‘whole’ entity forgotten how to behave ‘naturally’ based on our own individual awareness and our awareness of others, or are we so conditioned to a synthesized material world where we are told when to show love and kindness to one another, and, how to show it?

In my opinion, Valentine’s day honour has sadly been turned into Valentine’s day hype. An obvious reason is that the word ‘courting’ used to honour this celebration, is in fact, an old fashioned (traditional) term used to describe someone in the attempt to pursue someone romantically with intention of getting engaged and married. When in modern-day reality, old traditions have evolved, meaning that to some extent traditional meanings have been lost.  

Furthermore, as a clairvoyant, I have met and continue to meet a lot of people. My experiences have taught me to listen to my intuition and dive deep into my client’s energies when conducting readings or spiritual healing or Reiki. I can truly say that I pick up on many things but aside from this, I also pick up on natural behaviours and personas and can see that people validate desires and they have false expectations, especially when it comes to relationships and sensitive matters of the heart. 

My awareness of some of these people is that unwillingly they are driving themselves mentally, physically and spiritually unfit due to negative blockages. Particularly, younger generations and their mental health. Valentine’s day insomnia can cause emotional distress, anxiety, paranoia and more ill-fated negative emotions because expectations are high and the competitive landscape among friends and peers is common in their social media networks. 

In my opinion, for anyone who struggles with loving themselves, remember that learning to love yourself first should always take priority. After all, the awareness for self-love and self-care promotes an organic process with good reason and intention. Leaning to care for yourself teaches you to care for, and protect what you love, ‘YOU.’  Once you establish that, you will be able to improve on your mental, physical, and spiritual self, overall your health and well-being, and inspire others to do the same. 

There are many self-care and self-love books/information that can help if you want to learn how to help yourself become a priority. To get you started on your pursuit to self-love and self-care, here I have compiled 10 great ways to indulge in ‘time to yourself’

1. Take a walk-in nature and switch off from technology.
2. Take a class you’ve always wanted to take (baking, yoga, martial arts).
3. Arrange a spa day for you or with your best pals.
4. Get a massage or acupuncture.
5. Meditate on your own or take a group meditation class.
6. Light a candle or two and relax and detox in a bath filled with bubbles.
7. Write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal to declutter your mind
8. Declutter your living space with your favourite music playing in the background.
9. Find something to be thankful for in the moment.
10. Treat yourself to something (fancy meal, flowers, chocolate).

Happy Valentine’s Day, Love ‘YOU’!



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