Connie Angel Medium set for Indianapolis, USA

Connie Angel Medium set for Indianapolis, USA

Posted by C.A.M   07/12/2018
As many of you have been aware over the past few months, Connie Angel Medium has been making preparations for permanent residents in the U.S state of Indiana – Indianapolis.

Although Connie Angel Medium is making a permanent move to Indianapolis, adapting to a completely new lifestyle, her work as a clairvoyant and spiritual healer will continue to serve. In fact, Connie Angel Medium is growing and finding ways to serve you better. 

Why Indianapolis? 

For a long time coming, Indianapolis has been Connie Angel Medium’s spiritual calling and her heart’s desire. Now that the time is right for her to embark on this new lifechanging and spiritual journey as assisted by her guardian angel - she is embracing this transition faithfully and wholeheartedly.

Connie Angel Medium is a respected angel medium, lightworker and Reiki master. Connie Angel Medium helps people who have a need, or desire for intuitive and spiritual assisted guidance and healing. 

Her divine gift of mediumship, since the age of just six years old, had awakened her life’s purpose and has, and continues to lead her travelling across the seas including Far East Asia, Europe and the United States of America. 

As well as helping people from all walks of life, Connie Angel Medium appeared on prime TV and radio including Marbella TV and Radio with Nicole King, London BBC Breakfast. She has also been featured in Soul & Spirit Magazine and has associations with top influential psychics and healers including Michelle Knight, Mysteries of Covent Garden, and Buddha on the Bicycle. 

Connie Angel medium is proud of her heritage and her spiritual guides and will maintain her long-standing commitment to her fans, friends and followers from different parts of the world and the local community she will serve in Indianapolis as of 2019. 

Please regularly visit the website for updates on pricing and contact details. In the meantime, you can contact Connie Angel Medium via email at or UK telephone number (+44 (0) 7944 461 063. 



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