Hi everyone, I am Connie. I was born with a gift which I recognised at the age of six when I first encountered a spirit, from there my journey began. Having had, and continue to experience the most powerful energies, I have always been guided through all stages of my life and helping others along the way.

Being a lightworker, clairvoyant and reiki master, I am deeply passionate about my life’s purpose in helping people. Through high vibrational energy and assisted spiritual assistance, I have surrendered myself to the universe.
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The hand of the divine guides and teaches me in every step I take. Listening, learning and teaching strengthens my core abilities to help achieve my inner ambitions as well as helping others receive the right guidance that they need in different areas of their lives. Figuratively, like a torch bearer, I will shine the light among pathways for those in need of assistance and guidance when lost in the dark.

My focal point of being a light worker, is my ability to help people who want to be centred and focused, to be able to trust in themselves, and to be able to experience spiritual enlightenment and true love which is found within.

A few final words…
I would like to say that the most beautiful quality we can have is our own identity, the ability to grow within, to be true to who we are, and to love, respect and approve of ourselves. Only by accepting to love ourselves first, and through that love, the magic within ourselves begins to flourish.

We must acknowledge that the love we have in our hearts is a forcing energy that truly centres us and connects us to the spirits, that only have love for us. True love is pure and without expectation. Quite simply love is all we truly need, similarly, like the air we need to breathe.
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